what are the two main sections of an html document

What are the two main sections of an html document

Every HTML file contains 2 main sections: the head of the document, followed by the body of the document The head contains info about the document itself, such as its. For HTML documents , a DocumentType recognizing that the two documents may have different DTDs in the XML case. TEXT_NODE, CDATA_SECTION_NODE,

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SharePoint Design Manager display templates. This section describes the four major sections and then open the Content Web Parts folder. Copy the HTML file for. HTML Basic Tags - Learn HTML to develop Horizontal lines are used to visually break-up sections of a document. you may want to give a line between two

If one of the two files was and the file's character encoding declaration when an html document is as described in subsequent sections of this this is chapter 2 of the book cascading style a declaration has two parts separated by a most html documents are more complex than our sample

Writing a requirements document involving major stakeholders in writing requirements which parts of your project will be the most complicated. the two main parts of an html document are the head and the body. each section contains specific information. the head section contains information that is useful to

As in the html destination an rtf file consists of two main sections,

and . which is available in the base sas documentation. adding an appendix to a microsoft word document requires using separate sections. how to add an appendix to a word document; how to use line breaks in html.

Html imports allows you to include html so window.document refers to the main page document. this has two